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Road Marking Services UAE


Road Marking Companies in UAE Middle East

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Thermoplastic Road Marking by Machine and Hand Marking

  • MMA Cold Plastic Road Marking
  • Acrylic Road Marking System
  • Airport Runway Marking
  • Kerb Stone Painting with Spraying Machines
  • Epoxy Coating
  • Road Stud Fixing
  • Sandblasting

Whether you need road markings for new roads or to mark car parking areas, Gulf Seismic is one of the leading road marking companies in the UAE Middle East. As a company, we strive to work with established road marking companies to ensure that we stay on the leading edge of all fully legal road marking industry applications.

Specifically, our thermoplastic road markings can be used to mark lanes, inform both drivers and walkers of on-road conditions and route hazards, and clearly indicate directions. Further, our highly skilled engineers are trained in the use of highly specialized tools and materials to ensure that the pavement markings are extremely accurate.

Road Marking Material in Abu Dhabi UAE.


Under Fast and safe trading company we have proudly served our valued road marking companies which are located in Sodia Arabia, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai UAE. We supply and apply below items:

The purpose of road markings is not only to guide drivers to the appropriate lane to avoid road accidents, but also to control and provide direction. Due to its functions, it must resist many different types of traffic usage and nevertheless provide the required performance. Specifically, this article describes roadway marking materials, including the different types available, set of performance factors that influence them, and the types of bench tests that can be performed to forecast such performance.


Reflective road studs provide most effective night guidance even under the most adverse weather conditions. Road Studs can be reflective, nonreflective or solar powered and can be surface mounted.

How to find a road marking contractor in the UAE.

Road marking projects can be difficult. Finding the right road marking contractor can be an even more difficult task. Gulf Seismic offers professionally designed and manufactured thermoplastic road markings to ensure your project goes smoothly from start to finish.

Finding the right road marking company will ensure that all road users are safe and have clear markings to follow, including pedestrians. With so many pavement marking companies to choose from, finding the right one is crucial to making your project a success and having a positive impact on the road user community.

Key factors to consider while choosing a road marking company in the UAE.
Highway markings should be a quick and easy task. However, having the right road markings in place really does make all the difference in the usability of the road. Road marking projects require a high-level of expertise and attention to detail. Below are a few key factors to keep in mind when looking for a road marking contractor in the UAE:

Key Benefits

Reputation is everything when it comes to contracting a road marking contractor. In fact, a quick search on Google will provide thousands of road marking contractor options for you to choose from. From companies that offer cosmetic repairs to others that do large road marking jobs.

Therefore, its important to take time and check the reviews of the contractors as well as even approaching previous clients to find out if the work has been done to their satisfaction. At Gulf Seismic, we”ve received literally hundreds of reviews from previous thermoplastic pavement marking customers.

We would be happy to connect you with previous customers and show you some of our work, allowing you to see for yourself as to why our reputation for providing pavement marking services is so well established.

Various pavement marking companies are offering a variety of different types of pavement marking services. For example, UniPlay offers a wide range of thermoplastic pavement marking services including:

  • General line marking
  • Car parking line marking
  • Matrix cross-hatch markings
  • Skid-resistant pavement markings
  • Pedestrian safety markings
  • Handicapped lane marking and more

Selecting a pavement marking contractor with a wide range of services available can save you money and enhance the overall efficiency of your project.

Top roadway marking providers in the Abu Dhabi area use high-quality materials. At Gulf Seismic, no matter how massive your project is, we don’t use low-quality thermoplastic markings at \gulf Seismic. Also, our high-quality materials are finished to guarantee the end result is an enhancement to your signage brand.

So whether your need is thermoplastic line markings for a retail parking lot, minor repairs on a busy street, or a walkway, our professional, high-quality thermoplastic line markings deliver the right first impression each and every time.

Pavement marking services require both skilled experts and the right equipment for consistency. We, Gulf Seismic Contractor Company, are a thermoplastic road marking company with many years of experience in providing cost effective and safety critical road marking services.

We have been involved in major road marking projects throughout the UAE over the years. Following a detailed survey, our team will provide you with a free quote whilst you will be pleased to learn that we are very competitively priced.

Gulf Seismic Road Marking Contractor Company – Professional road marking contractors in the Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Picking the appropriate road marking contractor will make sure that the project you choose will be a success. Once you have conducted thorough research, contact the contractor to find out more about them and with any questions you may have about the project.

We will be happy to answer all of your questions along with providing guidance on state regulations for road marking services. Feel free to contact us at any time to find out more about our thermoplastic lane marking services. Just call our office at +971025555769 or email We’ ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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