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Playground Resurfacing

Commercial, private or community playground, it doesn’t matter, because we have a fully skilled staff with the necessary skills to perform the highest level of playground surface work and repairs. In fact, it”s our expertise to design, plan, build and maintain all playground surfaces. We know the importance of school playground safety.


Playground Resurfacing

Making sure kids are safe while playing on and around the playground areas we design is a priority of yours as well as mine. When it comes to playground surface design and maintenance, safety is our number one priority. Premium materials and cutting-edge techniques are utilized to create play surfaces that complies with health and safety regulations.

At Abu Dhabi Surfacings here, we provide a wide range of maintenance, repair and refurbishment services and can restore your playground to tip-top condition in a fast, expert and cost-effective manner.

We provide this service in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the surrounding areas of UAE.

With a wide range of pavement types and techniques available, including Asphalt, Cobblestone, resin bonded surfaces and Sandstone, be assured that we can provide a bespoke solution for any of your requirements.

Not only do our high-quality Surfacing options help reduce injuries, the overall visual impact of your playground can be greatly enhanced, turning tired and boring playgrounds right into much more attractive and more stimulating environments.